How It Works


Import your podcast using your RSS feed.


Automatically transcribe your episodes.


Seamlessly index content on your own dedicated search engine.


Why Elastic Pod

Elastic Pod gives instant access to every corner of your podcast. Whether you use it internally for marketing and research or as a little extra something for your audience, Elastic Pod will be a powerful as your audience grows.

Eidetic memory at your fingertips

Never re-edit or stop recording because you couldn’t remember who said what in what episode. Look it up live and keep the conversation going.

Laser focused

Do you cover a lot of ground on your podcast? Allow perspective listeners to discover you through what interests them, but keep them through what interests you.


Rediscover your podcast. Experience it beyond its linear paradigm. Compare and contrast different segments, see what’s working and what needs to change.

Track trends

Get notified when topics you’ve already covered begin to trend. Share segments that match the trending topic and expose your podcast to a new audience. Organically grow your listener count by staying relevant, even if you were already relevant three weeks ago when no one was talking about it


Use Cases

Elastic Pod for 280 episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience. (744 hours+)

Some search ideas to get you started

Elastic Pod for New York Times Daily. >


Instantaneous search results

Pinpoint accuracy around conversation and topics.


Start Now


+10 hours of free transcription per month

What's Included

  • Dedicate search for you and your audience, no coding or programming needed.
  • No advertisement or third party tracking.
  • Dedicated API for easy integration within your own website.
  • Reports on what your audience is searching.
  • Seamless, instant and automated process.
  • Complete control over your content, transcripts and what’s indexed. Easily remove, revise or reindex content at any time.
  • Index 10,000 hours worth of podcast into your own private search service.
  • Unlimited search queries month.
  • 10 hours of monthly transcription credit, $5.00/hour afterwards.

Join the Waitlist!

Elastic Pod is currently invite-only, Join the waitlist and we’d be sure to let you know when we go live. If you’re interested in being a beta casters, send us an email